Volley Cortese

If you watched the Olympics games then you testify that the players did not practice to get things right; instead, they practiced not to get anything wrong.


I am a ‘psychiatrist’ at least in teaching or coaching volleyball, NO! I think I am a psychopath of volley game. If you are a person that will stick to a channel that broadcast some of the prominent volleyball games when it is news time, then you fall in either of the above categories. You are in the best place where we will hit your passion for the game.

Volleyball Tips

This game identifies due to its uniqueness; if you want to maintain to its standards as a player you need to have the following tips

  • Play with strength and power.
  • Have a strategy that will work when you are on the game, like know their weakness.
  • Play consistently but be deceptive to cover for your opponents predicting you.
  • Make quick adjustments to areas that seem problematic.
  • Use positive emotions when playing it will keep your spirit high.
  • Use momentum; get to a rhythm of doing what works.
  • Flexibility and body fitness is vital.
  • Be responsible accept, learn and improve on your skills.

How do you win in volleyball?

To get the result of something you will need to strategize;

  • Train on Volleyball spiking strategies; do not just swing because your hitting percentage will be ineffective.
  • Work on your setting to create hitting matchups
  • Strategize on your defense mechanism; improve your blocking and digging abilities.
  • Improve your skills; you can learn the necessary skills from below articles.
  • Train setters on offensive strategies.

Our Team

Our Team

Meet our team members who are friendly and open-minded. We share the latest content on this niche topic, the trends in the previous games and what is likely to recur. We analyze players from different teams and open discussion about their performances and contribution to the team.

Our team is always ready to receive questions or suggestions. If there is a particular area about the game you would like elaborations, you will always find great help.

We are not only lovers of the games, but also some of us are players. We can, therefore, provide coaching services to teams who feel that there are particular areas of weakness on their side.

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Most Important Positions

  • Setter; he touches the ball more than most of the players and can also be a hitter depending on the offense.
  • Outside hitter; often attack ball set to the antenna, they play on both the front and back row.
  • Middle blocker; they are positioned at the center of the center of the court to provide blocking and hitting aid.
  • Opposite hitter; he plays at the opposite side of the setter, usually at the right side of the court.
  • Libero; he/she are the defensive specialist who performs on the back row; he primarily passes the serve, defense, and digging spikes.
Most important positions

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