Examining Volleyball

Volleyball is one game whose popularity is increasing every day. The game’s objective is to keep the ball from touching the ground on your side. It is one of the games that people can play when on vacation at the beach. Players must understand the basic rules, most important positions and how to hit the ball. Below is a precise sports guide to examining volleyball.

The game’s basics

Examining VolleyballThe floor has six players on either side of the net; three on the front row and the other three on the back row. It is played on a court with a net in the middle that serves to divide both sides of the team. A height of the net varies; for the men, it is 8 m and for the women 7.5 m. Each side has two rectangles where the players stand; only one ball in play at any particular time. The ball is slightly smaller and softer than the soccer ball.

Basic rules of the games and violation


  • The floor has six players on either side of the net; three on the front row and the other three on the back row.
  • You can contact the ball with any part of the body.
  • The ball that hits the boundary line is in.
  • You should not touch the net with any body part.
  • You should not catch, throw or hold the ball at any given time.
  • It is illegal to attack or block a serve from the inside the 10- foot line.
  • The ball is out if it completely hits outside the court/ the antennae.
  • Each side has a maximum of three hits only.
  • It is wrong to hit the ball twice in succession.
  • A team will get points on every serve.

Matches are made of sets depending on the level of the play.


  • Not serving the ball over the net successful
  • Improper handling of the ball
  • Touching the net with your body. In summary, Lacking to observe the rules is a violation.

Essential skills for a volleyball player

Knowledge of the necessary skills is the most significant factor in winning, they include;

  • Serving; means starting a ball, the player should be close to the net and throw the ball over. Move back; add an arm swing and one step then serve/hit.
  • Passing; it is the act of hitting the ball to your teammate in a controlled manner; it could be forearm underhand or overhead.
  • Attacking; it is a skill where a player hits the ball to the opponent’s court with the intention of ending a play and scoring points for his/her team.
  • Blocking; it is a defending technique where you deflect a ball to hinder opponents from making a successful hit.
  • Rolling and sliding; it is a technique where the player hits the ball from underneath it, the target is to get the ball up and return it safely to a ready position.

Types of volleyball hitsTypes of volleyball hits

  • Serve; it is the first hit of the game.
  • Bump; it is a forearm pass used to receive the ball when it crosses the net after the serve.
  • Set; it is second from bumping; it elevates the ball to prepare for a spike.
  • Spike; it is the final hit of returning the ball to the opponents, the attackers approach it with strength and quick steps.

Steps to hitting the volleyball

  • Set the body to the right standing posture.
  • Toss the ball frontage of the hitting arm
  • Serve the ball with the upper side of the arm.
  • Bump the ball
  • Set it above your forehead.
  • Spike it at a correct position and energy.