The Qualities Needed To Succeed in Volleyball

Any game on the planet requires specific traits of players to make it competitive and successful. Volleyball is a unique game because the players on both sides do not have any physical contact; there is a net-barrier between them. The set up is unique; hence, it requires a particular character. If you watched any volleyball Olympics game, you would realize that whether it was indoor or outdoor the player posses excellent skills to play at that professional level. Below are the essential qualities required;

  • Aerobic capacity/ excellent stamina
  • Size
  • Jumping
  • Speed
  • Mental toughness
  • Communication skills
  • Positive attitude


One should have a greater height; this serves as an advantage because you will be able to play above the net; therefore, you will be able to execute spikes and provide a perfect block. Also, these qualities add more benefit; one will cover more space of the court and the extended hands will provide power when spiking. While the shorter are swift in passing and setting, height is a dormant character.

Aerobic capacity:

Aerobic capacity:It is the body’s fitness or being in good shape; one should have strong shoulders and arm. It will aid in creating a spiking action needed to drive the ball at the right velocity. Fitness translates to the better flexibility that may be necessary during a desperate time. It is essential to have this though; the game itself will help you improve stamina through jumping.


The net is 8 feet for men and 7 feet for the woman; it is therefore of great importance to have the exceptional jumping ability. Jumping provides scoring and defensive opportunities. It can also aid in serving through the creation of a dynamic-power hit.


Though most of the time is standing at the small area of the court, does not mean to eliminate the need for speed; team members must pose excellent quickness and agility, if not a team could easily be scored. It aids during the transition of offense and defense.

Mental toughness:

Especially to the position of a setter, one should be intelligent to interpret the coach’s wish, can make a rapid decision and self-confident. You must believe that you can lead your team to victory, trust that your hands are the best to deliver that required set. Being smart and tricky is a vital application when playing. A witty game can deceive the blockers thus providing an attractive opportunity for your hitters.

Communication skills:

Some of the communicating sentences in the game are short and it calls for a member to understand. Example; two players of a team will try to hit the ball due to lack of communication like; ‘it is mine’ or ‘I got it’ which may lead to missing of an excellent opportunity to complete an attack because maybe both of you stopped thinking the other will respond.

Positive attitude:

Positive attitude:It counts by having emotional stability. Exhibiting dramatic lows and highs will impair the performance of your teammates. Focusing on the positive aspects will avoid depression even when it is nothing is pleasing or coming your way.


Any aspiring volleyball player should be accountable in that they accept mistakes and allow for feedback from the members or the coach. Never get into a confrontation instead you are supposed to give what is right and expected.

With at least 80% of the above qualities you inevitably will make an excellent volley-baller.