Top Universities in the US 2019

There are plenty of universities in the united stated. However, there are those top-notch universities that everyone wants to get associated with. For most people, it will drain all their strength and resources to have their children set foot on these campuses.

Reason being, they are well performing and produce intellectuals who are on demand in the job market. Studying in this universities will mean a whole transformation in your life. You get connections which make the job search less frustrating.

Below, I have compiled a list of top universities in the United States. I hope the content will help you decide what campus you want your child to join.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It has retained the topmost ranking over the past seven years. It is highly revered for its excellence in performance. For its ranking, it has scored a hundred marks for the four of six indicators used to determine the ranking.


Also, it leads to the ratio of international students studying abroad. In all its faculties, the students have showcased impressively high scores making it deserve this leading position.

2. Stanford University

It ranks second in the top Universities in the United States. It is located between the Silicon Valley in California. It outstanding position rates from it’s incomparable entrepreneurial and business courses offered.

It has seen many intelligent persons impart positively to the business markets. Some of its alumni include the Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Google founders.

3. Harvard University

According to QS World University Rankings, Harvard has maintained the third position. It was founded in the year 1636, making it the oldest campus in the United States. Its faculties contend unimaginable in the job market.


Students get to graduate with business, law and medical degrees. Also, it offers a masters program for the different courses. It features residential campus in Cambridge and Massachusetts.

4. George Brown University

It is an accredited university offering a cosmopolitan study experience for its students. The George Brown university is the heartthrob of the Toronto city. It welcomes students from all over the globe and gives them a chance to venture into different academic preferences.

It is a multicultural city that that present diversified courses and a classic life for the students. The campus has established a strong bond with the industries surrounding it. By this, it offers their students with hard and soft skills that are on demand in the job market.

5. University of Chicago

It was founded in 1890 and has since gotten famous for its quest for research. Its academic reputation has however been gathered through the many years of research which led to the invention of the first artificial self-sustaining nuclear reaction.


With the above well researched top universities, you can never go wrong with a choice of either. The universities will build a good academic foundation for your children. Also, they acquit their students’ appropriate skills that will secure them a well-paying job while they get done with studies. They also instill oneness and the exposure the student get will enable them to pull through when in different circumstances.